Conferences, symposia and events.

A conference is a means of putting a theme or product into the spotlight. 

Organising this is a big job. But don’t  worry. As a professional office it is our job to fulfill your wishes. On a national as well as on an international level the staff of CongresAssociatie Twente are well-informed. This will surely dismiss any doubts you may have.

“So relax and enjoy your congress”

By events and meetings we understand:

  • Exclusive business presentations
  • Cultural manifestations
  • Expositions
  • Company jubilees
  • Meetings.


In fact everything is possible. We shall gladly advise and assist you so that your product or theme will make an unforgettable impression.

Perhaps you wish to give a business presentation or there is something to celebrate within your organisation. CongresAssociatie Twente can then also offer the solution.

Our office has many years of experience as a business service provider. Our enthusiastic team can see to it that everything is well-organised, down to the smallest detail. 

You can focus on the content, we ensure that everything is arranged down to the last detail.

From the perfect venue for the conference dinner, the badges, the bus transport, the hotel accommodation, the catering, to the printed gadgets for the participants.

LOGO Professional and competent

CongresAssociatie Twente is a professional congress organiser which aim is to organise conferences, symposia or events. Due to many years of experience we are the perfect time-saving service.

Our office likes to work together with companies in the area. It enables us  to offer our clients a perfect package of services. Our motive is to work fast and effective. But above all we listen carefully in order to fulfill your wishes.  Finally our main goal is to organise  a successful meeting for you. Our staff can see to it that everything is well-organised down to the smallest detail. Everything is done for you: from guest speakers, accommodation up to and including the thank-you notes. All you need to do is to lean back, relax and enjoy an interesting and attractive meeting. 


If you wish to organise part of the event yourself, CongresAssociatie Twente can also carry out a section of your project. It is an excellent way of spreading the work. From beginning to end or just  a partial project:

  • Meeting concept development
  • Registration participants
  • Time schedule (dates & deadlines)
  • On-line registration and on-line payment
  • Reservation (hotel) accommodation
  • On-site management
  • Marketing + Financial planning
  • Printing and advertising
  • Bid(book) procedure
  • Social programme/excursions
  • Exhibition 

Do you know to want more about the opportunities and what Congress Association Twente can do for you? Feel free to contact us.